Welcome to Alexandre Santos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Welcome to Alexandre Santos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the premier BJJ training centre in North Melbourne.  We offer the highest quality teaching experience in a safe and friendly environment and practice on world-renowned zebra mats. We cater to all ages 5yrs+ and have a diverse range of classes available to suit your needs.

Our instructors are international standard producing a number of state, national and world champions. Every class is a fun, unique and challenging experience so book a free trial with us and start training today. 

Vision: Our vision is to create leaders both on and off the mats, to create a sense of community and to teach respect, discipline and teamwork.  The skills we teach directly and indirectly can improve fitness, self-defence, self-esteem and mental health, all in a safe and fun environment.


Respect: We aim to treat everyone with respect both on and off the mats.

Discipline: We teach discipline with a structured but fun program promoting strength, consistency and focus.

Leadership: We build strong leaders through providing leadership opportunities and mentoring programs.

Teamwork: We support each other by working together to enhance our skills as a team.  We support our local community through actively engaging in community events.

Lifetime learning: We believe that learning is a lifetime process and the skills learnt in BJJ are transferable to everyday situations such as in combat bullying, self-defence, stress management, goal setting and health promotion.


Training with Alex has not only allowed me to lose over 30KG’s, but also allowed me to make life long friends and change my perspective on life.

Tony Wu